Friday, March 28, 2008

Here goes full-time...

So next week marks the start of me being a full time artist. I have been working about 75% as an artist for the last 18 months but at the end of this month I finish my job as administrator of the Dubai Human Resources Forum. I am really excited and optimistic about this change as I feel I am moving on to a stage where I have some really great paintings. This is as opposed to when I started trying to sell and was really not sure if anyone would like my stuff. Now I feel that if I am happy with it then other people will also like it. Anyway, this week I had a bunch of ideas and managed to get 3 new paintings finished in preparatin for the Saturday market at the marina. Next weekend I also have a 3 day market at UPtown Mirdiff so need to keep the momentum going and have a few new things for that too.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Art Dubai

So Art Dubai, the erstwhile Gulf Art Fair, is back on, and of course it is bigger and better than before. We went to the VIP opening which was a fantastic event, jam packed with people, some of whome were buying and some of whom were making the most of the free beverages and food. The setting was awesome and some additional features like a carved ice bar just added to the occasion. There were a few particular pieces I loved and some that caught you off guard like the camel stuffed in a trunk (see pic) - which I understand was sold that night.


I am a full time artist working in Dubai and have been here since December 2004. I work in acrylics and oils and produce mostly abstract work although I was working in watercolours before I came to Dubai. I share a studio in Barsha with another artist, Carrie Wareham, called the Black Sheep Art Studio and together we supply artwork to individuals, interior designers and companies furnishing hotels. You can see all of my work on my website at