Friday, March 28, 2008

Here goes full-time...

So next week marks the start of me being a full time artist. I have been working about 75% as an artist for the last 18 months but at the end of this month I finish my job as administrator of the Dubai Human Resources Forum. I am really excited and optimistic about this change as I feel I am moving on to a stage where I have some really great paintings. This is as opposed to when I started trying to sell and was really not sure if anyone would like my stuff. Now I feel that if I am happy with it then other people will also like it. Anyway, this week I had a bunch of ideas and managed to get 3 new paintings finished in preparatin for the Saturday market at the marina. Next weekend I also have a 3 day market at UPtown Mirdiff so need to keep the momentum going and have a few new things for that too.

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