Monday, April 7, 2008

Discount Art Materials in the UK

I am going to be in London in June where I will take part in 2 weekends at Spitalfields market (19-22 and 26-29 June). I am taking some work over with me but will need to do some when I get there. I have found a website that has really good prices for canvases and paint so I have ordered a whole bunch from there. Have a look at

Good Start

So I have had a good start to being a full time artist, with one confirmed contract for paintings for a hotel and two in the pipeline. The good thing about having the studio is that we have the capacity to produce a lot of art and if needs be call other artists in to help. I also like these jobs as they are clear about what they want and having a definite brief is a good way to work. The markets are still going on though so life is pretty busy. UPtown Mirdiff had a 3 day bazaar last weekend which was OK although not as good as I had hoped but this week brings ARTE ( again at Times Square which is a great venue and back to the Marina on Saturday for the outdoor market there (