Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer is busy!

So the markets at Spitalfields went well and I sold 12 paintings over the 2 weekends. Heading back to Dubai for the summer I thought things might be a bit quiet but I was wrong! In addition to the paintings I knew I had to do for a new gallery/shop opening in the Dubai Mall in August (details when all is confirmed), I have another couple of orders in the pipeline for commercial projects. These will keep me busy for at least the next 3-4 weeks which is great. I am happy to be working once again in oils as they are my preferred medium but I just don't get the time to use them in the busy market periods.

Dubai Summer Surprises usually hosts an Art Oasis week and this year it is at Wafi. Unfortunately the space we have been allocated each is only big enough for 2 of my paintings when I would usually exhibit 5 or 6 so that is a bit disappointing but I'll go for it anyway and see what happens. It is on from 29th July to 6th August.


Ekta said...

Dear Marian,
Your work and progress is so inspiring! Congratulations!
I am a trained and professional artist living in Dubai, however, I don't know how to go about marketing my work to interior designers, hotels etc.? Do you have any words of wisdom for me? :)
Any help would be great!

Marian said...

Hi ekta, thanks for your post. I have to say it has been really hard to break into the market here and it has taken a couple of years to actually get known and get the right contacts. A lot of ID's use prints or imports these days but there are some that still want original work. I think you just have to keep contacting anyone you can find and get yourself out there selling your work at markets etc.