Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Art Fairs in Dubai and In General

Is it me or have art fairs just become an excuse to shock or create weird and wacky stuff just to create a stir? I talk to so many people who don't know where to buy original art - just simple, one off pieces for their homes. But in terms of exhibitions and fairs it seems almost like painting is going out of fashion these days, it's all about installations and other kind of 'trendy' stuff :-) nothing wrong with them but people just seem to be trying to push the boundaries of what everyday people think is art but throwing something radical in just to stir it up and maybe create controversy. I guess it depends on what the purpose of the exhibition is, to sell or to entertain or maybe even to shock. DUCTAC have an exhibition of this kind starting on 11th March. Will be interested to go and have a look at this anyway.

If anyone does want simple, original art for their home then maybe come take a look at Arte in Times Square Centre on Friday 12th March, midday til 7pm.

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