Thursday, December 2, 2010

Want to learn the exact techniques to create abstract art?

Many artists develop their own technique of how to create abstract paintings. We learn from our own trial and error and from the experience of other artists. I've just found this abstract art eBook/DVD combo that looks pretty good with techniques of how to create 108 different abstract paintings and I'm going to order myself a copy. It's just really good to see how others work and try different things.A Walk Into Abstracts: abstract painting techniques and guide

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Blue Sky said...

OK so I have the eBook and am just waiting for the DVD to arrive as it is being shipped from the US.There are a lot of great inspiring ideas from different artists in the book, I need to sit down and read through all the techniques as I have just had a browse through at the moment. Already I have an idea for new products to try and a new painting to create!