Sunday, September 16, 2012

Selling Your Art in Dubai

So I often get notified of arts and crafts events where you can sell you art in Dubai and once summer has gone they seem to come thick and fast. There are 2 art markets that I have been notified of recently and they are as follows:

The Cultural Night Market at Safa Park
This is on next weekend 28/29th September from 3 to 11pm at Safa Park, Dubai. This is a new event so I can't comment on whether it is any good or not - often it depends on what kind of publicity they do and who lives in the area and is likely to visit the event. Safa Park can go both ways, although you have a rather affluent area surrounding it, the usual visitors to Safa Park may not have so much disposable income in terms of buying art so it could be quite hit and miss. You can find more info here.

Armenian Community Bazaar
Another event that I have not participated in yet but have been invited to. This takes place on 24th November at the Beach Rotana Hotel in Abu Dhabi. The cost for a table is 250 dirhams and it is an all day event being open from 11am til 8pm. For further information, please call or e-mail Gulizar Jonian:
Mob: 050 494 0455