Monday, December 17, 2012

Where to Buy Custom Canvases?

Ok so I normally get my canvases made by Jam Jar when I am in Dubai but they have changed their price structure recently and they now seem to be way too expensive (I was quoted 432 dirhams for a 120x120cm gallery wrapped canvas). So I need to find somewhere else to get custom canvases made. Either that or I will have to stick to standard sizes.

A few years ago there were quite a few carpenters around who were making custom canvases for reasonable prices but they seem to have gone by the wayside. I know that Emirates Trading sometimes have custom ordered sizes in their shops so I will try them but otherwise if anyone knows someone who makes them then can you please let me know?


Mark Robinson said...

I have the same problem. My frames guy has decided to stop deliveries of stretchers and this makes it very difficult when the canvas is 200 X 120!!. Still waiting on a quote from Emirates Trading but they take at least one week before delivery and are not cheap. I think I will resort to Ace at Festival city. Get the wood cut to size and put it together myself.

Blue Sky said...

Be interested to know how you get on Mark, I've never actually tried making the frames myself although I have stretched canvases on old frames. I was thinking it would be hard to get the corners and the stability right.